Sometimes I Lie

You can’t move your body or open your eyes. You’ve lost track of time. From the sounds around you, you’ve gathered that you are in the hospital and something terrible has happened. Someone visits you each night, torturing you with evil words and rough hands. This nightmare is the current reality for Amber Reynolds. SheContinue reading “Sometimes I Lie”

Never Saw Me Coming

Do you think therapy can prevent someone from becoming a rapist or a serial killer? If a present day John Wayne Gacy or Albert Fish received a proper diagnosis and regular sessions, could they learn to coexist with others without acting on their evil tendencies? This is the premise behind the advanced psychology study atContinue reading “Never Saw Me Coming”

The Whisper Man

“If you leave a door half open, soon you’ll hear a whisper spoken…” The Whisper Man by Alex North Twenty years have passed since the town of Featherbank was haunted by the Whisper Man, a silver tongued, eerie figure in the night that abducted boys from the quiet neighborhoods. After police found the bodies ofContinue reading “The Whisper Man”

The Family Upstairs

I was really excited for The Family Upstairs. I had just binged all of Lisa Jewell’s books when it was first released and could not wait to get another fix. That is what her audiobooks are like for me – a drug. The narrations are INCREDIBLE paired with Jewell’s twisted storylines. When I decided toContinue reading “The Family Upstairs”