The Family Upstairs

I was really excited for The Family Upstairs. I had just binged all of Lisa Jewell’s books when it was first released and could not wait to get another fix. That is what her audiobooks are like for me – a drug. The narrations are INCREDIBLE paired with Jewell’s twisted storylines. When I decided to read this a second time, I could hear the audio in my head. So, so good.

Patchouli Oud 🍂

I’m always expecting her books to have a creepy element and the abandoned London mansion that Libby Jones inherits on her 25th birthday fits the bill. Libby is finally going to find out the truth about where she came from. It’s not the past she would have hoped for and frankly, I wanted more for this book. The point of view jumps around from past to present and while I normally love that she does this, it ended up being confusing and I lost interest a few times. The journey was odd but it was certainly twisted.

This is another book that I gave a, possibly biased, slightly higher rating based on my unrequited love for an author. I would highly recommend the audiobook. There was something about the plot that was just off for me, maybe see for yourself?

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