Sometimes I Lie

You can’t move your body or open your eyes. You’ve lost track of time. From the sounds around you, you’ve gathered that you are in the hospital and something terrible has happened. Someone visits you each night, torturing you with evil words and rough hands. This nightmare is the current reality for Amber Reynolds. She is in a coma. She doesn’t know how she got here but she knows someone sadistic from her past is determined to either ruin her life or kill her and that sometimes, she lies. She has to wake up.

“If you just did what I told you and stopped telling lies none of this would be happening.”

Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

Sometimes I Lie is Alice Feeney’s debut novel, published in 2018. I am late to the Feeney train, just discovering her this year but I have found another thriller author to add to my favorites list. Right in line with Rock Paper Scissors (this one stuck with me, I think about the haunting church too often) and His & Hers, Sometimes I Lie gave me the absolute creeps – in the best way. Another book by Feeney with easily followed multiple points of view, I flew through this short novel jumping from past, present and the future. She creates her own atmosphere with strong character development and I have yet to predict what was coming next, Feeney is three for three. The ending of this book though… What. The. Hell. All three thrillers I’ve read by this author belong on your spooky fall reading list.

Also by Alice Feeney:

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