The Other Wife

I found The Other Wife by Claire McGowan on a lunchtime stroll through my favorite thrift store. It was $3 and had 4 star rating – jackpot. When I set my stack on the counter the cashier picked it up and basically screamed, “Oh my god you have to read this next!”. So I did. I agree with the 4 stars and will pass on the advice my new BFF at the thrift store gave: you should read this next.

Cedar & Bergamot

I love a good affair plot. We can all relate to jealousy or seeking revenge. We may not all go to the point of buying the house next door to your husbands pregnant lover to ruin her life but sure, you can appreciate how one might get to that point. In an attempt to salvage her marriage with Nick, Suzi leaves her career in the city and moves to an isolated cottage in the country. Nick has become the sole provider, isolating Suzi even more as he becomes over protective of her growing body. She is pregnant, she’s just not sure it’s Nicks. To make matters worse, the man she’s having an affair with isn’t responding to her texts or calls. She leaps at the opportunity to have a friend when Nora moves into the cottage next door, but Nora already knows who Suzi is. And she’s going to make Suzi pay for the things she has done.

Written in multiple points of view, I liked how fast The Other Wife flowed. I never lost interest but I really hated the husband. I did not like his character at all. Maybe I should have given it 5 stars but 4 feels right. Either way, I will never stop recommending it.

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