The Whisper Man

“If you leave a door half open, soon you’ll hear a whisper spoken…”

The Whisper Man by Alex North

Twenty years have passed since the town of Featherbank was haunted by the Whisper Man, a silver tongued, eerie figure in the night that abducted boys from the quiet neighborhoods. After police found the bodies of four missing children, Frank Carter is convicted of the crimes and sentenced to a life in prison, ending the reign of terror of the Whisper Man. Not for Detective Pete Willis though, the terror hasn’t ended for him. He is the only person Frank Carter is willing to speak to and all those years ago, Carter abducted five boys. The body of Tony Smith was never recovered and Pete has not stopped looking for him. Now, twenty years later, six year old Neil Spencer has gone missing.

Enter Tom Kennedy. Nearly a year after his wife’s sudden death, it seemed to be the right time for Tom and his son, Jake, to begin piecing together a new life. It’s no secret that Jake has continued to struggle with the loss of his mother, creating imaginary friends and acting out. If Tom is honest with himself, he is struggling too. He agrees on settling into an odd house that Jake is instantly drawn to online in a town called Featherbank. Tom almost has himself convinced that things will be fine, they will be able to move on here and have a normal life. Until the night that Jake hears whispers in the night and a monster from Tom’s dark past emerges in the present light.

The one thing they all know is the Whisper Man is back. But how?

I judged this book by the cover. I knew The Whisper Man by Alex North involved a serial killer which was intriguing but the cover did it for me as I picked it up at a used bookstore. I later came across the audio through the library and was hooked when I heard the narration. If you know, you know. The opening chapters were exciting and I needed to know where the missing boys were within minutes of listening. However, I will admit that the multiple points of view quickly became confusing, the perspective changed with chapters but there were no names with chapter titles which isn’t my preference. I persevered though, and truly loved the narration until I was home alone one night listening before bed and a certain chapter scared the hell out of me. I switched to the hardback version after that.

I rated this book four stars on Goodreads and StoryGraph, I enjoyed the storyline and the connections North made between characters, his writing style is unique to me. I wasn’t really expecting the paranormal aspect and am left on the fence with my opinion on it, I’m not sure if it added to the story or not. Overall, the Whisper Man was definitely a bogeyman type and gave me the heebie-jeebies multiple times throughout the book, it would be a great spooky read for October.

Thrillers pair well with gluten free lavender earl grey scones topped with lemon icing

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