Without a glance at the synopsis, I added Shiver to my stack at the library this month. The cover of Allie Reynolds debut novel did it for me. A blizzard scene with a giant snow covered estate with a blood red title? Who doesn’t want to find out what sinister things are happening there.

The last time Milla was in the French Alps, she was ten years younger and worried about one thing: winning. She and five other elite athletes, including her arch nemesis Saskia, spent the winter training together for an exclusive snowboarding competition. No one could have predicted how the season would end. It’s now been a decade since Milla has strapped into a snowboard and Saskia has been declared dead, her body never found. She is pulled back to the cozy Le Rocher ski resort by an invitation requesting that she return to reunite with those left from that winter – a relaxing weekend with old friends is just what she thinks she needs. Their reunion weekend quickly turns dark when they realize they have become trapped on the mountain and worse, Saskia may be alive after all.

Alternating from the past to the present, Shiver is as sinister as the cover portrays. The chapters were just long enough, making it a fast paced read in the cold French mountains from start to finish. I was extremely pleased and surprised by the details of the snowboard lifestyle storyline. This is the perfect book to snuggle up with to the fire with on a cool fall or freezing winter evening, I can’t wait to see what else Allie Reynolds creates.

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