The Vanishing

I originally picked up The Vanishing by Wendy Webb from the library on a whim in 2014. It was a new release with a pretty cover, need I say more? It has been seven years and I still think about this book. Seriously. It was that memorable for me. When I discovered Powell’s had a used copy in stock on a recent trip to Portland, I had to add it to my collection. I hadn’t planned on reading it again so soon but the cover drew me in again and here we are.

The cover though. Burning lavender chamomile. 🕯

It may have been the soft spot I have for Webb being the first horror writer I discovered but – I loved this book. For the second time. It also scared the hell out of me again. I’ll plagiarize myself, here’s my initial synopsis 🤷🏼‍♀️:

“The Vanishing opens with Julia Bishop, recently widowed and in the midst of her whole world coming down around her with seemingly no way out. What appears to be a random stranger shows up at her door out of the blue and offers her a unique job, as well as a way out of her life that is now in ruins. Abandoning what she has left, Julia accepts her new position as a caretaker at Havenwood Estates. Caretaker of Amaris Sinclair, a renowned horror novelist whom Julia has adored for years, and who is also believed to be dead. While she presses for the reasons why Amaris Sinclair left her successful writing career behind, Julia uncovers her own dark ties to Havenwood.”

If you want to read something a little haunting this spooky season, this is one of my recommendations. It has earned a permanent spot on the shelf. I’ll be on the lookout for local used copies of her other books, her writing style is intriguing and perfect for fall reading.

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