The Reunion

Patchouli Oud

There are some authors I am forever searching for on the shelves of used bookstores. Samantha Hayes is one of those authors. She published Until You’re Mine in 2013 and I have been hooked since. I was enjoying a lunch hour stroll through the thrift store and came across a familiar name but an unfamiliar title. The Reunion was published in 2018 and I clearly missed it. I didn’t even read the back, I added it to the pile. It didn’t last on my TBR for long.

What starts as a perfect day on the beach ends in a parents worst nightmare. It’s been 20 years since 13 year old Lenni disappeared. Lenni’s older sister Claire has never forgiven herself for letting her go off on her own, distracted by a teenage romance. Their parents refused to give up hope that she would come home someday, until her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her mother wanted to sell. With her father’s mind slowly slipping away, Claire wants to reunite everyone that was there that tragic day in hopes that it’ll be good for him – and her. The Reunion was a slow burn thriller but a fast read for me. Switching from multiple points of view, past and present, I couldn’t read fast enough. When the pieces FINALLY clicked for me… what the actual fuck. You will not see it coming and it is messed up.

Check out Samantha Haye’s other books Until You’re Mine and The Liar’s Wife. I love a good thriller set in England. I would highly recommend her audiobooks as well, I would categorize them with those like Lisa Jewell. There are more of her books on my TBR list, I’ll continue to search the used shelves and may check out my library. Do you have a similar author recommendation?

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