Home Before Dark

Maggie Holt doesn’t believe in ghosts. The rest of the world, however, thinks she does. Thanks to the book her father wrote twenty-five years ago about her family’s twenty day stay in Baneberry Hall, Maggie’s life has been ruled by her parent’s lies. She now finds herself the heiress of the infamous “House of Horrors” after her father’s death and no where closer to the answers she’s been seeking since she was five years old. Why did they really leave Baneberry Hall? And why won’t her parents admit to building a career on lies?

With the keys in hand and her father’s last words in her head, she is determined to return to Baneberry Hall to uncover the truth and finally rid her life of the godforsaken house. As Maggie begins the remodel, she quickly realizes there are even more questions about this house and it’s tragic past than answers. Then strange things begin to happen. Mister Shadow and Miss Pennyface, her childhood imaginary friends, may not be imaginary after all… and if they’re real, what else in the book is real?

This is my first novel by Riley Sager and I was not disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised with each seemingly paranormal twist and turn these pages provided and was not expecting the jaw-dropping, climatic ending. I absolutely recommend Home Before Dark to all lovers of horror and thriller fiction.

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